The date was December 24, 1955....television history was made when four talented young sisters made their debut appearance on the Lawrence Welk Show. No one knew it then but the Lennon Sisters....made up of eldest daughter Dianne, Peggy, Kathy & Janet would become overnight sensations and one of the show's most beloved musical acts.
Dianne Lennon also known as Dee Dee, was born December 1, 1939.
She was 16 when she made he first appearance on the show with her siblings. After she wed Dick Gass in 1960, she retired to raise her family, which grew to three children and later five grandchildren. She did return to the show in 1964 and remained there until 1968, when the sisters left the show. Up until her retirement in 2001, she continued performing with the girls on TV, stage, and in Branson. Today, they make their home in Branson where her husband serves as an alderman for the city, and she enjoys a good game of golf.

Peggy Lennon born April 8, 1941 was 14 when the act made their national TV debut. Known as "the Brain" for her smarts, she first wed Welk trumpter Dick Cathcart in 1964, he was 16 years older than her but that didn't stop them from having a wunnerful family of six until Dick's passing in 1993. She continued to perform with the sisters after Welk in concerts, TV appearances and Branson until her retirement from the stage in 1999. Now lives in Northridge, CA with her second husband, Dr. Bob Felt.

Kathy Lennon second youngest of the quartet, was born August 2, 1943.
Since first appearing on the show at the age of 12, Kathy has been known to manage the group's business affairs, plus for a while dated Larry Welk, Jr. You can count on her for a good joke and a good laugh, her sunny personality makes her the jokester of the group. Also, she is considered the most athletic of the sisters. She was originally married to Welk saxophonist Mahlon Clark and now currently married to Jim Daris. They both now make their home in Branson.

Janet Lennon the youngest of the Lennon Sisters, was born June 15, 1946.
Fans would testify that she perhaps the most popular of the sisters with her on stage charisma, who has appeared in the most fan and celebrity gossip magazines. She has been married twice, first to Lee Bernhardi in 1966, and later John Bahler, photographer and bandleader of the Lawrence Welk Orchestra in Branson, MO. She has a total of five children and seven grandchildren, which no doubt will continue the Lennon family tradition of entertainment.
Since their tenure on the Welk show from 1955 to 1968, the girls went on to their own show Jimmy Durante presents the Lennon Sisters in 1969, and numerous concert and television appearances with celebrities such as Andy Williams, Dinah Shore and have appeared on game shows such as The Hollywood Squares, Tattletales and Family Feud. Today, the act consists of Kathy, Janet and younger sister Mimi. They have performed at the Welk Resort in Branson and haved toured across the country. They have also marketed a successful line of rag dolls for kids known as Best Pals.